Bridging the Digital Divide: A+ Computer Training Technology’s Journey

In the city of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, Koppe Sylvanus Joseph is changing the narrative. He is the Founder of A+ Computer Training Technology Limited, a pioneering company that has been making significant strides in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry since its inception in 2009. This is a story of dedication, innovation, and the unwavering commitment to transforming lives through technology.

A+ Computer Training Technology Limited, as the name suggests, is firmly rooted in the world of ICT. With a mission to bridge the digital gap between Nigerian youth and their counterparts in developed nations, the company has set out to equip the future generation with the essential skills needed to thrive in the modern digital landscape.

The vision of A+ Computer Training Technology is crystal clear – to empower Nigerian youth and women with ICT skills, paving the way for both direct and remote employment opportunities. The company’s core values, including integrity, trust, humanity, and diligence in service, serve as guiding principles in their pursuit of this noble mission.

What inspired Koppe Sylvanus Joseph to embark on this remarkable venture?

The answer lies in the dire socio-economic conditions faced by many Nigerian youths and women. Witnessing the high unemployment rates and the lack of technical skills among the youth, he felt compelled to be a catalyst for change. In 2009, he took the first step by establishing A+ Computer Training Technology, where he started training young people and women in innovative ICT skills, providing them with employment opportunities and preparing them for further education and career advancement.

Not content with just training, Koppe Sylvanus Joseph went a step further and began offering free scholarships to deserving youths and women. This act of giving back to society became a cornerstone of his mission, contributing to the growth of the nation by enabling skill acquisition among the disadvantaged.

What sets A+ Computer Training Technology apart from its competitors in the ICT industry is its commitment to addressing the global shortage of tech talent. The company focuses not only on technical skills but also on soft skills essential for success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A+ Computer Training Technology acts as a bridge between talented individuals and companies seeking to hire them, ensuring that both parties achieve their desired results through value-added tech skills.

Over the years, A+ Computer Training Technology has achieved significant milestones. They have trained over 6,802 Nigerians in various employable skills, ranging from data science to digital marketing, web development, and cybersecurity. Additionally, they have provided scholarships to 1,525 youths across Plateau State, emphasizing ICT soft skills and facilitating direct employment.

The recognition of their efforts came in the form of awards. Koppe Sylvanus Joseph received the “Plateau Man of the New Award” for “Best ICT Personality of the Year” in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022. Additionally, in 2022, he was honored with a Commonwealth University Honorary Doctorate Award, a testament to his outstanding contributions to the field of ICT.

Of course, no entrepreneurial journey is without its challenges. A+ Computer Training Technology has faced obstacles like the lack of government support through loans, inconsistent access to electricity, high rent costs, and double taxation. However, their resilience and determination have enabled them to weather these storms and stand the test of time.

Looking ahead, the long-term vision for A+ Computer Training Technology is nothing short of ambitious. They aim to become a university in the field of tech services, with plans underway to establish a permanent institute site in Jos.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Koppe Sylvanus Joseph offers a valuable piece of advice: patience is key. Building a successful business, especially one that adds significant value through skill development, requires time and persistence. In a world where impatience can lead to premature closures, waiting and persevering can lead to remarkable achievements.

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